Only hours left to get 800 guitar lessons for a buck

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I’ll keep this email short and sweet because
I’m guessing your week is as hectic as mine!

I’m running around like a crazy chicken with
no head…trying to get my taxes done, and
a bazillion other things.

But I didn’t want you to miss out on this and
since there’s only 1 day left, I figured
I’d send you this quick reminder.

Just one day left to take advantage of
my one buckaroo dealio to experience
the **800** online video lessons in
Lead Guitar Gurus…

Check it out:

So why not take a minute right now, while
its fresh in your mind, and get on board
before its too late

It will just take a minute, and then you’ll have
all weekend, and all month long to enjoy yourself
while learning from 9 of the wisest, most
accomplished lead guitarists on the planet.

Go for it. If you need convincing, just
check out all the awesome stuff that’s here:

Claude J.

P.S. More Jimmy Dillon videos coming later this
week (

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