How to Mix Guitar Practicing with Playing

hi Friend,

its Friday night and I’m writing to you from
my office.

Well, its kind of my office / practice room…

I spend entirely too much time here 🙂

But its cool…

One thing is I always have my guitar ready
to grab… So even on the days that I get
super busy, its easy for me to jam for
a few minutes here and there.

It’s been a while since I’ve gone a day
without picking up the guitar.

So that’s a no-nonsense tip right there:

Always have a guitar handy… If its in the case,
its out of sight, out of mind.

I try to have fun too…Even when I’m
“practicing”, I try to get in the
right mindset where I enjoy what
I’m doing.

Building good habits and consistency
keeps me from feeling like its

You gotta have fun! (Even if the
“fun” is just feeling like you’re
accomplishing something or building
your chops)

Here’s another important concept:

Always have a goal in mind
when you sit down to practice. Maybe
this sounds obvious, but I’ve seen
too many practice sessions including mine
turn into “the dance of delusion in
the land of confusion”.

I know it sounds maybe contradictory
cause I told you to have fun. I guess
a good rule of thumb is be clear in your
own mind whether you are “playing” or

The goal of playing is to have fun,
and the goal of practicing is to
improve an aspect of your skills.

Strike a balance.

Practicing will increase your fun
over the long run. “Playing” is
more about instant gratification.

Even when you’re practicing hardcore,
you can devote a small amount of
time to just jamming out.

More specific lessons coming soon.

Claude Johnson

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