Please don’t burn your guitar because of this

Hi Friend,

Wow, we already have 280 blog comments
on our soon-to-be-released DVD called
“Wicked Chicken Pickin Chops”.

I’ve been reading all your comments
and I’m seeing two main things over
and over.

1. Everyone thinks Sol is amazing.
2. Most people think they’ll
never be able to play like this.

Please, please, PLEASE…

DON’T break out the lighter fluid
to burn your guitar just yet.

I say that because some of you
said you feel like burning your axe
after hearing this 19 year old kid
just dominating the fretboard with
his wicked chicken pickin licks.

Hey, my attitude is: If you can’t beat him,

Now, I can’t say you’re going to play
like Sol in 7 days or anything
ridiculous like that.

However, I can say that…

1. Sol is a great teacher.

2. Sol has systematized his skills
into 5 easy-to-understand components.

3. Sol has painstakingly explained
everything you need to know to play
in this style, AND tabbed everything
for you.

4. Even if you learn only 10% of what’s
in this video, you’ll sound awesome.

To learn what the 5 components are,
and to see a video clip showing how
Sol breaks everything down into
bite-size chunks of guitar wisdom,
check out today’s blog post:

Keep posting your blog comments and stay tuned.
Only ONE WEEK until you can grab your copy
of Wicked Chicken Pickin’ Chops.

Have a rockin week,

Claude Johnson

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