Please help support this up and coming guitar legend go for his dream

Hey Friend,

Big News.

This is huge.

My friend Silvio Gazquez has qualified
for the final round of Guitar Idol 09.


This is 2 years in a row now!

Let’s rewind back to 2008 for a sec…

Last year, Silvio’s song “fight training”
got him a finalist spot.

Words of praise flowed from the guitar
community. He was called “a true guitar monster”
amoung other things.

Unfortunately, he could not attend for a variety
of reasons. One big reason was that we were
filming “Virtuoso Guitar Secrets” at the same time.

(More on that in a second)

This year, Silvio completely outdid himself with
a new “smash hit” song called “summer nights”.

And yes, he won another top spot to compete for
the ultimate title of Guitar Idol 2009.

To celebrate, we’re running a special on Silvio’s
course “Virtuoso Guitar Secrets”.

The exciting thing is that unlike last year,
Silvio’s going to be travelling to London
to compete for the top prize!

I was totally pumped when I heard the news.

Here’s a mini-interview we had with Silvio
this morning:

Claude Johnson: So tell me how you won
a spot in Guitar Idol?

Silvio Gazquez: I was choosen last year, but
I couldn’t make the trip. This year they love my song.
I just sent my song summer nights and they liked it.
In the forum I was favourite for a lot of dudes.

CJ: How do you feel about winning a spot in the finals?

SG: Very happy, but I’m a little nervous. It’s a huge
challenge for me because I’ll be competing against
the best players in the world. Plus I’ve never
flown before.

CJ: What was the inspiration for “Summer nights”?

SG: mmm I imagined driving a car on a highway in a
cool summer night, in Hollywood or some USA city.

CJ: But you’ve never travelled outside of Argentina?

SG: I watch too much TV, lol…

CJ: What do you hope to get from the experience of
competing at Guitar Idol?

SG: To meet lots of people and have fun.


As I mentioned, we’re putting Silvio’s course
“Virtuoso Guitar Secrets” on sale.

There’s 3 reasons for this.

1. We want to celebrate Silvio’s achievement.

2. We’re going to sponser Silvio’s
trip to London and we want your support
to help this rising star.

3. We want to put these advanced lead guitar
lessons in your hands today!

You can watch Silvio’s video of his song

Last year we flew to Argentina to meet Silvio
and capture his best guitar secrets on film.

The result is hours of great footage and
tons of tabs, designed to take you from
the intermediate zone to advanced,
as quickly as possible.

So go to the page, fill out your details,
take advantage of the discount price,
and grab these lessons.

You’ll be doing one of the best things
you could ever do for your playing,
while helping Silvio get to London
to fulfill his dreams.

All the sales on this goes to support

It’s a no-brainer win-win deal.

That’s it from me today, my friend…

Have a rockin week and stay cool,

Claude Johnson

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