Real Blues God Secrets Exposed


I am pretty pumped because the last 2 days
I just spent in the studio, recording an
awesome new guitar DVD.

we’re probably going to call it
“The Ultimate Blues Master Class”.

Basically its like 7 to 8 hours of pure
blues guitar instruction.

And its from Sol Philcox. This is the guitar
genius who showed us how to supercharge our
licks with country chicken chops.

Sol was such a great instructor on that, that
we brought him back for more lessons.

Because, he is NOT just a country player. He
has a heck of lot of blues knowledge and secrets
to share with you too.

Like I said, we JUST shot this product and so the
editing hasnt even begun yet. Give us some
time – you will definitely be hearing more
about blues master class later on,

For now, if you love blues guitar, here are two
courses you might dig:



P.S. We are VERY CLOSE to releasing lead guitar
gurus. Stay tuned – we just need a few more
days to make sure all the lessons are ready for

Rock on!

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