Screw Walmart?

Hello Friend,

I am pumped up because today I’m filming
some cool stuff that will be revealed

Something important popped into my mind.

It’s about my good friend Derryl Gabel.
He’s a guitar instructor (like myself),
but honestly, we are not even close
in terms of ability.

While I consider myself a decent player and a solid teacher,
Derryl is really a virtuoso and a guitar genius. He’s been
given recognition and high praise by some of the greatest
guitarists on the planet like Frank Gambale, Shawn Lane,
Allan Holdsworth, etc. He even played on one of George
Lynch’s albums.

Here’s the kind of “embarassing” thing — until recently,
Derryl was working full time at Walmart.

Yep… One of the most mindblowing guitarists on the planet
working a retail job.

I want to congratulate Derryl because he took the plunge,
quit his day job, and is making enough moolah to support
himself from teaching privately.

And of course, not to toot our own horn, but
Guitar Control plays a big role in helping Derryl
distribute his “Fusion Guitar Secrets” lessons package.

Anyway, here’s the bottom line — I would love nothing more
than to see Derryl succeed as a full time musician. He
*really* deserves it.

In other words, I DON’T want to see him have to go back
to Walmart 🙂

Honestly I’m not sure how Derryl would feel about me
sharing the Walmart thing, but my intentions are
pure — I want to help him out… And I want to help
YOU out by putting powerful guitar info in your hands.

Therefore, it’s my duty today to tell you about his
Fusion Guitar Secrets package.

It’s 4 DVDs plus a truly mindblowing 234 page technique
book that I guarantee (with my own money) will take
your lead guitar chops to the next level.

It really is a very productive and fun way to practice,
to simply open up this technique book to a random page
and work on one of the killer examples, which are beautifully
tabbed out for you.

Here’s all the details:

If you haven’t checked out this website yet, please give it
a look-see. You might find its just what the Dr. ordered.


Claude Johnson

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