Small adventures, big fun

Hey now…

Claude J. here.

Got up this morning and
updated our blog, and I gotta say:


There’s almost 1000 comments
on my upcoming movie…



It is really cool reading
all of your thoughts, ideas,
and opinions.

Whenever I read comments
(not just on my blog,
but anywhere), I feel
like I’m tapping into
the “field of consciousness”.

In today’s blog post, Jon Maclennan
gives you part 2 of his “Pat Martino”
lesson series.

So please check that out on the blog too.
And also, check out the 2 lessons posted
by Steve Golding on reggae guitar.

13 days till we release his “Reggae Roots” Guitar Secrets!


I have a busy day ahead of me —
because I have to pack for
the trip. Tomorrow I’m
driving back to PA.

It’s gonna be cool – I
love adventures. Even small ones.

Remember my motto:


I think I shared that before.

Make everything you do “an adventure.”
It’s an amazing way to live!

And by that, I mean its all in
how you “frame” things mentally.

Going to Walmart? Make it an adventure
and have FUN. That’s what life is about.

The key to not getting bogged down
in life’s concerns is all in the attitude.

You may feel your life isn’t perfect, but
I just read that 3 billion people are
living on less than $2.50 a day.

Kind of puts things in perspective.
“Attitude of Gratitude” is another
way to roll 🙂

Have an adventuresome day and talk
to you tomorrow.


P.S. I forgot to mention this yesterday
but we have our Sol Philcox super pack special
going on for a few more days:

Don’t miss it:


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