SOLD OUT! (And some good news)…

Hi Friend,

First of all — the bum news: we’re SOLD OUT of our “Ultimate
Fingerpicking Package”.

The good news:

1. If you still want the “Ultimate Fingerpicking Package”
and save $113 — you can order and we’ll send you
your package in the next 10 days.


2. So, I contacted Stefan and we’ve worked out another
special deal for those of you who can’t afford the big
“lump sum” in one shot.

We’re offering a really sweet 6 payment plan.
This should help you if the bank account is a bit

And don’t forget — you would have to pay Stefan
thousands of dollars to learn these secrets in person.

We’re extending this offer until next Friday.
Then it’s gone (or it will be more expensive).


P.S. A big “thanks” to everyone who jumped on this great
offer. And a big fat congrats to the 5 “fast action takers” that won
the extra cool bonuses:

Thomas P. (Virginia)
James K. (California)
Kenneth S. (Canada)
Richard S. (Massachusetts)
Anthony R. (New York)

P.P.S. A lot of people have been asking about the “smaller packages”.
We’ll probably start offering those at some point next week.

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