Soloing contest + guitar “tree” + live call with Jimmy

Hi Friend,

Hey nowwwww…

You know, sometimes I even amaze myself
with all the groovy stuff I send you.

Today, I’ve actually got TWO monster
announcements.(I’m actually a little worried
that I might “overload” you, so buckle up kiddo.)

First, we are releasing our first ever
“Guitar Solo Contest”.

Check this out:

Do me a BIG favor and send this
to all your guitar playing friends.

Post it on facebook.

Go nuts.


If you ever said “Claude aint so hot on the
guitar”, well here’s your chance
to do better HAHA…

And even if you’re a newbie, you’ll
get an incredible benefit out of
pushing yourself to enter this contest.

Either way, I want to see EVERYONE throw down.

Now if the excitement of this contest
isn’t enough, I’ve ALSO got something else
for you.

Jimmy Dillon just gave me an AMAZING
“history of electric guitarists” tree
that he put together himself.

Not only that, but he is doing a LIVE
CALL next Monday at 8:30 PM EST to talk
more about it.

Jimmy has an incredible knowledge of
electric guitar and that’s what he’s
bringing to the table in his new
course “Eclectic Electric Guitar”.

Anyway, go check out the “tree” on his
blog, and feel free to post any questions
you desire, and Jimmy will get
to your answer on the call on Monday.

The number to call is also on the blog.


Have a double fantastic day,


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