Sure-fire formula for failure

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Hi Friend,

Life is the most unpredictable thing.

I’m actually surprised at the controversy
I’ve created with Claustin Powers 3.


***newflash – i just posted a new
guitar lesson (more on that in a sec) ***

One truth I’ve learned in life is:
“Don’t try to please everyone”.

In fact, one of my mentors just told
me that if you do, its a sure-fire
formula for failing.

Definitely applies to guitar playing.
Don’t try to make everyone happy — be
true to yourself and true to the styles
you love!

Now I realize I’m doing something right!
Even if you don’t like my Obama impersonation!


I’m not a professional comedian… Never
said I was :_) ….I’m just a wacky guy who
likes to play guitar and have fun.

And yes, to the people who think I got
a bit too flashy with my solo, Maybe
you’re right — I broke my own rule
by putting technique before emotion.

But who cares…I already learned
years ago how to play with heart
and soul.

In fact I’ve taught tens of thousands
of guitarists to play with more feeling

I wanted to do something different,
and the truth is, I have been focusing on my
picking technqiue. I’m determined to develop
world-class chops like my friends Silvio and Derryl.

I’ve improved a lot in the last year, and
very excited to teach you my latest chop building
methods later this year.


The first solo is NOT the only guitar playing I do in the
movie… You’ll just have to stay tuned to
watch the next episodes.

Now, for today…

My latest lesson is an example of how you can
be musical with a guitar scale, using even
the simplest melodic motion and rhythm.

Check it out:


Cheers, Claude Johnson

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