Take a ride with me on a magic carpet

hey Friend,

Imagine if you had a magic carpet,
and it could be any color you wanted…

In fact, it could change colors and
designs with your mind, and take
you to far away exotic lands and
down deep paths to entralling
adventures, unravelling mysteries
of the universe and revealing
profound wisdom, truth, and beauty…


That’s what journeying through
the land of music can do for you.

And that’s the journey I want
to help take you on, starting
this Wednesday, with the
Ultimate Guitar Song Collection 3.

One of the tunes I cover just
happens to be Steppenwolf’s
“Magic Carpet Ride”.

Check out today’s vid…

Of course, when you actually
grab your copy of U.G.S.C. 3
this Wednesday, you’ll get
the complete chord charts,
tabs, and videos for all 50

I also want to point out that
I’ve seen this song butchered
by other teachers.

Not that I’m so great or anything,
but the thing is that Guitar Control has a whole team
of great teachers and we all took
a look at Ultimate Guitar Song
Collection 3 to make sure
everything was super accurate.

For example, the unusual
G7 voicing in this tune,
and the unique strumming
pattern are really important.

Check it out.


If you can learn this much in 3 min,
imagine how much you’re gonna learn
in 3 hours with the DVDs, chord charts,
and tabs…

It’s gonna be epic!

Claude Johnson

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into the world of LEAD guitar,
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