The Most Important Key to Success On Guitar

Hello Friend,

This weekend I was at the Pennsylvania Rennasaince Fair.

Basically its an outdoor weekend gathering which
emulates a historic period for amusement.

It was really quite a “trip” seeing all these people
dressed up in period costumes from hundreds of years
ago and speaking in funny accents.

People really got into it!

I actually got a chance to ride on an Elephant.
(Yes, an Elephant) I’ll show you a pic of that when I can.

There was even a few “bands” playing and yes, some

Of course, nothing too crazy guitar-wise.

Anyway, all this flash to the past stuff
got me thinking about how things used to be
and how they are today.

On the one hand, society has come really far.
In another way, people have become spoiled
and don’t have the work ethic we used to have.

When it comes to the guitar, the sad fact
is that 80% of people who start to play guitar
don’t stick with it long enough to be able
to play anything.

And those that do play, probably 80% of them
don’t have the discipline to take it to the
next level that they want to go to.

So what is the key to success?
In my opinion, the key is consistency.

You don’t have to play 2 hours a day…

You don’t have to have mega talents…

And you certainly don’t have to own
an expensive guitar.

What you do need, is just a tiny bit
of commitment, and to make a decision
that you’re going to spend at least
15 minutes a day practicing.

If you can make it 30 minutes or 60 minutes,
that’s even better.

I am giving this message to you, BUT…I’m
also giving it to myself because I want to
get to the next level too, and as soon as
I finish writing this email, I’m going to
dive into some practicing.

I’ll give you another tip that will help you
get into a groove with this:

Try to practice at the same time each day.
Maybe its right after or before school or work.

The more consistency you can establish in your
lifestyle and habits, the more likely it will
be that you’ll follow through.

Tremendous rewards will build up from consistent
honest effort. It may sound cheesy but when
you pay your dues, good things happen.

Now, if you’re not sure WHAT exactly you should
be practicing, that’s where I believe my courses
and products can help you.

Here’s a list of what we are offering below and I suggest
you check out the ones that seem cool.

I know that some people have told me my web pages
have “a lot of stuff” to read, but that’s only
because I want you to know what you’re getting!

There’s also some cool videos on each of the pages
too, so you can get a sense of things.

So get the materials, get a practice plan, and
stick to it! You’ll be flabbergasted at what
you can achieve in the next 30 days.

Are you up for it?

Rock on, and keep an eye out in your mailbox for
this hilarious picture of me riding the elephant.


Claude Johnson

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