The best bargain on high quality strings in town…

Hi Friend,

It’s simple… your sound BLOWS without

Personally, I am never impressed with
the sound of old, dead strings. I don’t
know about you.

I say: even if you’ve got a ’59 Les Paul hooked up
to a Marshall — fresh popping strings will
make the difference between a dead cat bounce sound
and a rocking live tiger sound…

On that note, I’m so happy to hook you guys up
with Rok Stark. These guy are MY #1
source for killer deals on great guitar gear.

These strings are the best priced on
the market.

They come from one of
the largest string factories
in the world, in New York,
made by the same folks who
create the world’s famous string brands.

The difference is the Rokstark attitude!

These are not some crappy strings
made by a bunch of clowns
in the back of a junk yard.

These are the REAL DEAL.

I know for a fact they only have
a few hundred sets left in their warehouse.
So, if you want to save some moolah
on your strings — go jump on this NOW.

You’ve got 3 smokin’ reasons
to check them out:

1. You can get a free 30 day
trial to our Guitar God Club
when you buy strings from these guys.

2. The strings are less than 4 bucks.

3. They give free shipping on most orders,
so save gas, time, hassle, and money and get these
babies shipped right to your door.

The Rokstark dudes are making their site “live” in
2 days so I’ll send you the link once
they give me the green light.

Rock on,

Claude “Guitar Man” Johnson

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