The best course of 2011?

hi Friend,

If you play the acoustic guitar…

The year isn’t over — however I’m going
to make a prediction.

Acoustic Enlightenment is the best guitar course
of 2011.

It’s available a week from today — Nov 9th.

If you wanna see the previews, go here:


Jimmy Dillon exceeded all expectations and
created a really special course.

Also — every aspect from the video angles
to the sound were brought to another level.

Everything was filmed in beautiful high
definition video.

However — the MOST important thing is…
Jimmy’s instructions and lessons are THE BEST.

Jimmy’s a seasoned pro.

The last time I was in San Francisco, Jimmy
invited me to a few of his gigs.

His band played for Peter Coyote.
Lars Ulrich (drummer from Metallica) was there..
Robin Williams was cracking jokes on stage.

Jimmy’s the real deal.

However he’s a humble teacher and
every year he’s thought over 3200 kids
how to play music.

That’s serious street cred.

Here’s the early bird prize list
to entice you to jump on our offer
the second it comes out:

First 3 buyers: Rokstark Lightheart Acoustic Guitar (Its a $349 value)
Buyers 3-7: Rokstark Party Pak
Buyers 8-20: Rokstark Strings

Ok, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Here’s the deal for tomorrow:


I’ll be asking him about acoustic
guitar playing and you’ll get
a chance at the end to talk to
us live.

9 PM EST (That’s 6 PM Pacific Time)

The number to call is:


and the access number
to punch in is: 174904

Talk to you tomorrow!



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