The big secret about legendary guitarists

Hi Friend,

Here’s a Message from Jimmy Dillon below

Jimmy Dillon here — and I
wanted to share a few personal
stories about my experiences with
some of the living guitar legends.

And I’m not sharing this to brag
or impress you. I’m telling you
these stories to let you know how
I’ve learned some of my most
precious guitar secrets.

Of course — the smart thing
to do is leverage my 45 years
of experience and save yourself
years of pain.

First I’m neighbors and friends
with Bob Weir (the legendary guitarist
from The Grateful Dead). Bob and I
have played and shared many stories
and insider tips.

I was also blessed to record a song
with legendary bluesman: Johnny Lee Hooker.

I learned so much from him — it was amazing.
In many ways — he’s the god-father of simplicity.

He really showed me how 1 note played with feel can beat
100 notes played mindlessly.

I’ll share a secret to “getting into” the world

For an example, I’ve become friends with Bonnie Raitt
because of my “Blue Star Music Camp”. She give us
a guitar that we could auction away. She’s a big fan
of what we’re doing.

She recognizes that we’re giving our time and energy
to these kids — and she naturally wants to give too.
How cool is that?

A lot of this happens because I live in Mill Valley,
California (which is small town with lots of big stars).

Lars Ulrich from Metallica lives here…
Robin Willams (the actor) lives here…
And too many others to list.

Which leads to the next point (and it’s a big one):
If you want to be successful as a guitarist, then

For some of you, maybe moving is too drastic.

You know what the next big thing is?

Buy Eclectic Electric Guitar
and insert the DVD.

You’ll easily create an “environment of success”
in your living room based on my decades of
in-the-trenches experiences.

By the way, when I say ‘Eclectic’, I mean the road
less traveled. I’m not gonna give you
plain old licks you’ve heard a million times.
I’m gonna give you stuff that I’ve got in my
back pocket that I’ve picked up over the
years doing session work and playing with various people.

Let’s rock!
Jimmy Dillon

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