The biggest guitar giveaway of 2010: 4 days away!

Ok Friend,

I’m just getting back from celebrating in
a wonderful thanksgiving get-together with
my parents, my brother, and my two little nieces.

I have a lot to be greatful for. However, I’m not writing
you today to tell you about all the turkey and mashed
potatoes I stuffed my face with yesterday. (lol)

Let’s jump to the next celebration.

You could say Christmas is coming a bit early this year
because “Santa Claude” is going to dish out the biggest
guitar gifts ever to celebrate Sol’s new course
“Blues Master Class”.

Here’s the dealio — we want Sol to achieve “best-seller
status” from day 1. So we’re going to light a fire
under all of our feet to get us moving.

THERE’S 20 PRIZES! So your odds of winning are VERY, VERY STRONG!

FIRST BUYER: Get RokStark’s LP Model guitar + 3 packs
RokStark Strings + Rok Stark Premium Cable. Amazing package!

SECOND BUYER: Get RokStark’s “Strat Style” Guitar + 3 packs
of RokStark Strings.

THIRD BUYER: Get the “Philsopher’s Tone” Pedal + 3 packs
of RokStark Strings.

FOURTH BUYER: Get the “Philsopher’s Tone” Pedal.

FIFTH BUYER: RokStark premium cable + 3 packs of RokStark strings.

BUYERS #6-20: 3 packs of RokStark strings.

These new philosopher’s tone pedals are the cat’s meow btw 🙂
You’ll love it.

So there you go… don’t miss out.
Set your online calendar… put an alarm on your phone.
Tell your wife… Do what it takes to make sure that on
November 30th at noon pacific time — that’s

1 pm mountain time
2 pm central time
3 pm eastern time


You won’t want to miss this for the world.
Best blues guitar package of 2010 for sure!

Stay tuned!

Claude Johnson

P.S. Also — there’s going to be some BIG SPECIAL DISCOUNTS
for the 1st week to celebrate Sol’s new release!

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