The Dark Gig & Pizza Debauchery

Hi Friend,

Well — here’s the best idea I could come up
with to help the Japanese.

We’re going to offer you: 12 songs from
our guitar maestros for 99 cents.

EVERY PENNY goes to help Japan.
Plus you get 12 songs.

Give me a few days to get the best tunes together
from myself, Virtuwul, and a few other of
the teachers here.

Meanwhile, let me tell you a couple of stories…
Or start them anyway… We’ll see how much
time we have kiddos 🙂

**********THE DARK GIG***********

It’s been a few years since I played actively in
a band, but I used to rock out every week in
some of the hottest clubs and bars in Philly…
Places like the Hard Rock Cafe on Market
street and the Grape Street Pub in Manayunk.

One of the best shows we played was on the night
of my 30th birthday.

It was hot…

The band was tight, some of my close friends came
out, even my folks showed up to enjoy my smokin’
lead guitar.

I was ripping it on my Steve Vai Ibanez Jem and my
Fender Blues Deville amp.

We had guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals… It was
all perfect.

There was only one dark, VERY disturbing…
and heartwrenching tragic aspect of it all…

And you’ll have to wait till next email to find out
what it is, because…

I’m almost out of time and here and my friend Virtuwul
wants to jump in and share a story he’s got about a tune
he’s including in the album:


Hey, Virtuwul here to share a story
about how a few of my songs were created:

I decided to donate “Disconnect”
and “Download” to the cause.

They are 2 of my favorite songs on
the “Myth Conception” album.

Those were crazy times man…

First we were introduced to one
of the most INFAMOUS music
producers in Canada.

Some of his claims to fame were:

– Adult flick production (I actually
was offered a role as the “pizza delivery guy”
for a scene. Fortunately I declined.)

– He was fighting the city because they
wanted to shut down his noodie-bar.
(More bar stories in the next email).

– And he had produced 2 GOLD RECORDS.

He was quite a character and his studio was
quite the joint.

I’ll talk about some of the shocking naughtiness
I saw while recording in the next email.

Back to the music…

The song “Disconnect” is about removing
the negative crap from your life.

Pulling the plug on the B.S.
Walking away from the losers.
Saying goodbye to the non-sense.

It’s a cool track. I think you’ll dig it.


Stay tuned for the next episode where I’ll
wrap up these stories and start some new ones.

Talk soon,

Claude Johnson

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