The Deep Ear-to-Brain Connection

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Hey Friend,

How’s it going? Well, its another friday…

You better be rocking out this weekend or
i’m gonna send the guitar practice cops after ya.

Just kiddin…

Seriously, let’s talk guitar for a sec.

Yesterday, I revealed that there are 3 secrets to creating
a world-class “Brain-to-Hand Connection”:

1. The Ear-to-Brain Connection
2. The Ear-to-Fretboard Connection
3. Shorten The Guitar Player Feedback Loop

Check this out: I got a new blog. In my first
post, I’m talking about the first step here: developing
a strong “ear-to-brain” connection.

Check out this secret:

Rock on,

P.S. Just a friendly reminder that the man who “schooled Clapton”
is BACK…

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