The Easy Way to Advanced Lead Guitar

Hello Friend,

It’s your ol’ pal Claude Johnson here.

Yesterday I sent an email about Silvio Gazquez,
the “guitar monster” from Argentina.

A big THANKS if you visited his youtube video
and another one if you posted a comment.

I can tell you that Silvio really appreciates it.
He was actually blown away that 5000 people saw
his video in one day.

And *I* was blown away that a lot people were
commenting about Claude Johnson.

Well, I appreciate it too. You guys are the best.

Hey listen… I’m all about win-win-win situations.

And boy do I have one for us today.

I’m talking about Silvio’s Virtuoso Guitar Secrets
course. This is the product that we created with
Silvio in Argentina…

Recently we greatly improved this 3 DVD course:

Sure, we already had a great 3 DVD set and
over a hundred tabbed examples, but we just added:

1. Full song transcriptions – so you can learn every
note of Silvio’s songs if you want…


2. Silvio’s backing tracks to his songs, so you can
play and sound just like the master!

With the DVDs, the tabbed examples, the song transcriptions,
and the backing tracks, we included everything possible
to make learning from this course a powerful and
enjoyable experience.

Of course, Virtuwul and myself are also on the DVD,
“grilling” Silvio and making sure he spills the beans
on all of his precious guitar secrets and techniques.

To celebrate the “re launch” of this product with
the new additions, we’re slashing the price from
$197 to $147 right down to $97.

However, this is a limited-time promotion. It’s
gone in a few days, so if want to get on the
advanced lead guitar train and save some bucks,
this is it:

Again, in case you missed the scoop,
Silvio is ready to teach you how to
become an advanced lead guitar player.

There’s always a hard way and an easy way to do things…

The hard way is trying to figure it all
yourself. What a waste of time and energy!

Why do that when Silvio’s “been there, done that”,
and is ready to show you the fastest way to
the top of the mountain.

In case you missed what this course is all about,
the full details are here:

Seriously, if you want to rip on your axe,
then take the shortcut, learn his secrets,
jump on this offer.

Here’s the link again:

Remember, this special price won’t last.

That’s all for today. Over and out…

Rock on,

Claude Johnson

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