The END is near.

hey Friend,

wow…I’m really not ok today.
You could say I’m a bit under the weather…
my throat is feelin scratchy.


I’m not dying.

In fact, I’m not too sick to do my job, which is
to send you a message filled with some

a very important note…

Tomorrow is the last day of the Supercharged
Soloing Made Simple launch.


And speaking of videos, I want to make a very important distinction.

While we do put out hundreds of awesome videos
on youtube, there’s nothing quite like our DVD

I do make a conscious effort to both give excellent
value in our free stuff, but also I save the very
best for the DVDs. If I didn’t do that, I wouldn’t
stay in business very long, and then I wouldn’t
be able to keep hooking you up.

So, be assured that when you grab your copy of
Supercharged Soloing Made Simple, you’re getting
the best I have to offer…

You’re getting a complete, well organized system,
shot in HD video with tabs…

And its my best information thats taken years to
put together for you.

Again, the hottest deals expire soon, so go here:


Claude Johnson

P.S. For today, check out Alejandra’s latest lesson.
She is one talented gal.


P.P.S. I’ll have some other fun announcements soon.
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