The end of Jimmy?

Hi Friend,

Yes — our beloved Jimmy Dillon DVDs are going
off the market in January until further notice.

However, You can get his best-selling “Soul Of Acoustic Guitar”
3 DVD set…

And his mind-blowing “Rockin’ The Blues” 3 DVD set
for the best price ever.

Get the deal here:

This super promo ends: Dec. 31st at midnight.
Don’t miss out.

Now here’s the real lowdown on what’s coming up:

January 2nd…

The final exciting conclusion to Claustin Powers
gets released…

People ask me — “Claude, why do you do it?
I thought you’re a guitar teacher. Why do you
spend so much time and energy creating silly movies?”

Well, first of all its MEGA FUN 🙂

Secondly, I feel my job is not only to be an educator
and bring you the best guitar knowledge from around
the globe… but also my job is to entertain you.

Who said learning has to be boring?

I always do my best to make things wacky and off the wall,
because I want YOU to have fun too.

And I want to reward you for being on my email list.

I want to constantly send you stuff that’s
gonna put a smile on your face.

I want you to think “Hey cool, here’s another email from
that wacky Claude Johnson. I wonder what crazy thing he’s
gonna say today.”

It’s why I’m always putting cool guitar lessons on my blog.

And it’s also why I’m coming out with the
ultimate free package on January 2nd.

Here’s more info on it: It’s a 70 minute DVD with some
sweet lessons from 12 different guitar instructors.
It’s free. All I’m asking is a few measly bucks to cover shipping.

We had a similar DVD last year, however this year’s version
is expanded with MANY new guitar lessons that weren’t in last
year’s version.

There’s only a limited number of these available, and last
year we sold out in 48 hours, so if you want one, please
make sure you don’t miss out.

I don’t make any money on these DVDs — however, it’s my
pleasure to hook you up, and I know many of you will love
it enough to order some different things from us in the future.

So again, stay tuned for January 2nd when we release the final
Claustin Powers episode and the free DVD.

Rock on!


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