The most controversial guitar teacher ever?

Hi Friend,

I have to say — in my years of doing this
I don’t think I’ve seen comments as “divided”
as I’ve seen on this new dude.

Some people did NOT like him.
Others praised and defended him. I think
he’s great.

Maybe the controversey was because I call it “smooth”
when some people think its “stacatto” ?

Anyway, check it out:

I also put up another guitar solo
on there.

Man… speaking of solos…

I love guitar solos!

Especially when its great playing,
and not some 14 year old kid
at Guitar Center who doesn’t
know a fretboard from a skateboard 🙂 lol

This one I just posted is a great
example of the “mixolydian sound”.


I’ll give ya the ol’ Johnsonater schooling
about the mixolydian mode in my
next email.

But yeah, def. check this out.
It’s hotter than a steaming bowl of brocolli.




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