Hi Friend,

It’s Virtuwul here and I asked Claude if I could email you
today because I need to get something off my chest.

Jimmy Dillon’s “Soul Of Acoustic Guitar” is the best
acoustic guitar lesson product ever filmed. Yes, it
blows away my own “Acoustic Mastery” course in my books.
In many ways, it’s “Acoustic Mastery On Steroids”.

I was actually on set when this course was filmed and I was
truly humbled. I learned more new stuff in 1 day than
I did in the last decade.

And I’m sure that you’re going to learn more acoustic
guitar styles, techniques and tricks in 3 hours than you’ve
probably learned in your entire life.

Jimmy’s multi-decade experience can’t be faked. However,
it can be bought tomorrow.

Plus, Jimmy is giving away 100 signed “Best Of Jimmy
Dillon” CDs to the first 100 buyers. is giving away 5 acoustic guitars to
the first 5 buyers.

Claude is giving away a deep discount – however only for
1 week. After that the price will shoot back up.

I’ve never endorsed another acoustic guitar course until
now. This one is truly a “no-brainer” and MUST BUY for
every acoustic guitarist like you.

Never stop evolving,


P.S. Please set your alarm (so that you win the prizes) because:
“Soul Of Acoustic Guitar” will be released on:
Tuesday, April 27th at noon eastern,
11 am central, 10 am mountain and 9 am pacific.

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