The power of “cool cool cool”

Hi Friend,

I don’t know when I picked up this habit,
but often times, I’ll end a conversation
by saying “cool cool cool”.

Not sure where I got it from either.

But last weekend I was talking to some
“new age energy healer” type people,
and they pointed out that it’s actually
good to say things like that.

“Easy easy easy”

“Fun fun fun”

or my variation:

“cool cool cool”

because its better than random mind chatter
that happens most of the time. And our
subsconscious mind cannot refuse anything.
So why not make it a habbit of putting
positive messages in there.

Onto guitar stuff:

Hope you had fun with the last little picking
pattern I sent. Another cool one to try
is if are you playing chords on the top
4 strings, try: D string, G string, B string,
G string, high E string, B string, G string, B string.

Feel free to respond to my post with your favorite

Thanks and have a groovy day.

Cool cool cool,…

Claude Johnson

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