The Power of PowerTabs

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Hi Friend,

Virtuwul has a special video for you
today. I’ll let him explain:

Yo, its Virtuwul. Listen…

Every guitar players loves HOT tabs.

Now, thanks to some hot new technology
called “PowerTabs” — it has changed

It has left our old “plain paper tabs”
in the dust and is allowing us to actually:
HEAR what it’s supposed to sound like.

PowerTabs allows you to FOLLOW ALONG
with the tab, SEE which notes are being played
PLUS you HEAR the notes.

As Paris Hilton loves to say:

Now, I prepared a LIVE example video
that shows you what I’m talking about.
It’s the actual PowerTabs from Silvio
Gazquez’s “Anatomy”.

Check it out:

Also, to celebrate the NEW BONUSES
that come with “Virtuoso Guitar Secrets”.
We’ve added 6 backing tracks, and 6 FULL

Yes, Silvio’s hottest songs have been:
“PowerTabbed”. Go watch the sample
video to see what you’re going to get.


Rock on,

P.S. Don’t forget to jump on this
window of opportunity to save some
big dinero on “Virtuoso Guitar Secrets”.
We’ve dropped 50 buckaroonies off
the regular price.

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