The reverse British Invasion

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hey Friend,

Back in the 1960s,
bands like The Beatles,
The Stones, and The Who
were all the rage.

Yep, it was the full-tilt “British Invasion”.

Not only that, pratically
all the best guitar slingers hailed
from the UK.

Amazingly, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton,
and Jeff Beck all lived within a
few miles of one another.

(They all played for the Yardbirds).

Today we have a reverse
British Invasion as American
rocker Jimmy Dillon is featured
in an interview with the UK magazine

I’m personally honored that the headline
reads “Jimmy has become famous for his
highly-praised tutorial tapes”.

I prefer to call them “instructional DVDs”.

The latest of which is called “Ultimate Acoustic Blues”
and is coming out in 11 days.

Oct 16th, Wednesday.

You can read the Bluesmatters interview
and see all the other stuff we’ve been
releasing in preparation for the highly
anticipated release of Ultimate Acoustic Blues.

Check it out:


So, i’m gonna send you another killer video
tomorrow with what Jimmy calls the sweeter
side of the blues.

I want to talk about somethin else for a sec–
which I haven’t mentioned in a while…

It’s the Guitar Scale System software.

No matter what style you’re interested in playing,
its always key to learn the fundamentals like scales.

And no matter how advanced you become, you can
always learn your scales deeper.

That’s why I’m excited about the GSS software.
It kind of automates learning scales across
the whole in really deep way.

Your goal with all aspects of guitar playing
should be “unconscious competence”, meaning
that you know stuff so well you don’t even
have to think about it — your fingers just
automatically do whatever they’re supposed to.

If you haven’t seen this software, please check
it out:


Claude Johnson


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