the story of Mr. Jeremy

Hi Friend,

Silvio wants to finish his story
about the song “Mr Jeremy”…

take it away Silvio…

**** MR JEREMY ****

As a 14 year old kid, I somehow managed to rent
an adult tape from a shop in our little town here
in Argentina.

There was this Ron Jeremy guy who was actually
funny and a good actor. At the time, one of my
good friends was named Ronnie and
we all ended up calling him “Mr. Jeremy.”

Fast forward to 5 years after that, and I had become
a good guitar player through consistent practice.

I had just put some riffs together into one of my first tunes,
and I was really happy about it.

My friend Ronnie stopped by the house and I showed him
my new song. He really liked it and so I decided to call
the song Mr. Jeremy.

I don’t think its that much of a story, but Claude wanted
to know the details 🙂

You will get this song plus another one called “Summer nights”
which won me a finalist slot in the Guitar Idol competition.
And plus one more song which I’m proud of.


Alrighty, there you have it – the straight dope on Mr Jermey
from Silvio himself.

Have a great weekend and get ready to rock out on Tuesday
with a plethora of killer guitar tracks.

Remember, you’re getting 12 tunes for 99 measly cents
and all the moolah goes to the red cross. Booyah 🙂

I’ll hook you up on tuesday.

Adios Amigo,


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