This guy DENIED John Coltrane

Hi Friend,

If John Coltrane asked you to join his
band, what would you say?

I would bet you a brand new PRS that
you would say: HELL YEAH!

Well can you believe that there’s a man
who said “NO!” to Coltrane’s request
to joining his band?

That legend is none other than:
Wes Montgomery.

Many consider him to be the best
jazz lead guitar player to ever live.

Wes used MANY weird, interesting
techniques that most jazz guitarists
don’t know or don’t understand.

For an example…

Montgomery often played solos in a three-tiered approach:

1. He would begin a repeating progression with single note
lines, derived from scales or modes.

2. After a fitting number of sequences, he would play
octaves for a few more sequences…

3. And finally his solos would culminate with block chords.

Here’s another interesting story about Wes…

Instead of using a guitar pick, Montgomery plucked the
strings with the fleshy part of his thumb,
using downstrokes for single notes and a
combination of upstrokes and downstrokes for chords and octaves.

Montgomery developed this technique not for technical reasons
but for his wife. He worked long hours as a machinist before
his career began and practiced late at night while his wife
was sleeping. He played with his thumb so that his playing
would be softer and not wake her. This technique enabled him
to get a mellow, expressive tone from his guitar.

Anyways — I’ve found a guy who has DECODED Wes’s techniques.

It’s a MUST OWN VIDEO for any jazz guitar fan
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I only have 100 copies — so you’ll want to mark this on your
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