How to Play a 3-note String Pentatonic in E Minor

Hello Friend,

Well its Feb 14, Valentines day.

If you’re celebrating with someone
close to you, then you got it made
in the shade, he he..

But if you’re single like me, don’t worry.
If you really think about it, “having someone”
is only temporary anyway, just as is everything
in the human domain.

It’s cool ’cause I believe that we
are all on a path toward Divinity, toward
Oneness, and that there’s more to existence than
just this one lifetime.

Personal romantic love comes and goes.
The only time to be happy is right now!

Plus, like Jimi said , “I still got my guitar” 🙂

And i’d like to share a special
guitar lick with you today.

Lately i’ve been practicing and
experimenting with 3-note-per-string

Now, as you probably know, I have
guitarists from all over the world,
from all skill levels, reading these

So, sometimes when I share a guitar lick
or exercise, its hard to choose something
that won’t be too easy for some folks,
while at the same time, won’t be too hard
for beginners.

Actually, it’s almost impossible to please

That’s why we have over a dozen products,
so you can take lessons for your exact
style and level.

We put links to most of our products
at the bottom of our emails, so hopefully
you had a chance to check them all out.

That being said, I do have a sample lick
for you in today’s email, but I can’t
be responsible if its not the perfect
lick for you to learn RIGHT NOW.

But, its definitely a cool one. You’ll love it.

Actually, all the stuff I’m working on now
on the guitar is going to be part of
Killer Guitar Control Secrets II.

I’m just going to be giving you a tiny taste
in some emails, he he…

Now if this lick is simple as pie for you,
you should challenge yourself with



Well, here goes:

Basically we are going to playing 3-note per string
pentatonics in the key of E minor. It’s basically
an ascending-then-descending pattern that cycles.

Meaning, you can play it over and over.




If you’re not used to the wide stretches,
please don’t hurt yourself. Just play
it super slow and find a comfortable position
where you can make the stretch. Sometimes
it’s helpful to tilt the guitar neck up.

btw, This is fairly advanced stuff, so if
you’re just looking to play some basic
songs, check out

If you’re advanced yourself, then
this may sound like a simple pentatonic scale, but the
way the hands are moving to different positions
creates many hidden benefits in practicing this lick.

I’ll explain further in my next course. I’m going
to be going VERY deep into fretboard knowledge,
and connections of scales and powerful visualization
techniques, exercises, and challenges.

For now, I suggest grabbing Killer Guitar Control
Secrets (the original) if you haven’t already.

OH, dude… I just remembered to tell you.

Tone Tutor. Frankly, I was dissapointed
more people didn’t jump on the ear training

This is exactly what was missing from the
Killer Guitar Control Secrets all along.

I did my best to explain HOW to rule the guitar,
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Tone Tutor is just as important as
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Thanks for taking the time to read my emails
and definitely check out this lick. It’s deep.

Rock on till the break of dawn,

Claude Johnson

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