this song ROCKS!!

Hi Friend,

Happy Saturday to you…

Yesterday I got a chance to
play that game “Rock Band”.
Not bad…

Still, nothing really beats
rocking out for real, obviously, lol…

Last night, I also went to see a couple
*real* rock bands play in BenSalem 🙂

One of the best ways to stay inspired
is watching good musicians play, so…

I’ve got a rocking new video
for you today!

It’s another great guitar song from
our resident Virtuoso Guitarist:
Silvio Gazquez, called “Anatomy”.


P.S. Also, a quick friendly reminder to go
get your big “Virtuoso Guitar Secrets” package
before the price jumps back up. We’re
offering a killer price to celebrate the
relaunch (which has some amazing NEW
bonuses added to it like 6 FULLY
tabbed out songs, more on this on Monday).

Go get your set while you’re thinking about it.

Keep practicin,

Claude Johnson

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