To the guitar skeptics (video)

hi Friend,

There will be always be the skeptics and the doubters.

The other day, some guitarist told , “If you want
to get better, just practice”.

Well, sure, practice is an important, but how much
you will get out of your practice depends on a few factors.

Your level of focus is important, and even more important:
How are you practicing?

Ok, I talk about this a lot but I want to bring it up
again – its the special practicing software that I
created called the Guitar Scale System.

Now obviously, this software isn’t going to help you
learn everything on the guitar.

It won’t show you how to play a “G chord”.
It ain’t gonna teach you to play “Sweet Home Alabama”.
(If you want to learn these things, please see

But, if you want to play leads and solos, you need to
practice your scales, and THIS is what the Guitar Scale
System does so well.

So, whether you already have access to it, or you don’t
have access yet and you’re thinking about trying it,
or even if you’re not ready for it and might try it
out in the future…

I just want to stress again how powerful this method can
be. In fact, my friend Virtuwul created a small
video showing you a little bit about this system.

Check it out:

Now, if you’re not already in the Guitar God Club,
you should know that you get this system (The Guitar
Scale System), plus access to 5 other websites.

There’s only a day or two left for my “try it out
for free” special dealio…

So Why not jump on it now.

Here, you can read about my no strings attached

Again, it expires soon, so go for it…

Hope your weekend is rocking.


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