Tony the (real) Tiger gives you a guitar lesson

Hi Friend,

I’ve got a lesson for you from Tony “The Tiger”.

No, not the crazy cat from the cereal box,
but Tony Keck. I’m calling him Tony the Tiger
today because he’s like a beast on the guitar.

But the cool thing is, inside Touch Guitar Secrets,
Tony will teach you some down-to-earth tricks
that will have you conjuring new sounds from your
guitar immediately.

So you don’t have to spend a long time building
your chops to play this stuff.

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn 2 cool things.
First, how to create some cool tapping licks
on a single string, and second, how to transform
an ordinary barre chord into some interesting
new possibilities.

Dig this:

Touch Guitar Secrets is a 3 DVD set with printed
tabs (Yes, you actually get physical booklets
with your DVDs).

And it’s going to cover a lot of killer stuff,
from simple things like Tony is showing in today’s
vid… Up through some complex advanced techniques too.

Now NORMALLY, when we come out with a new DVD series,
we give plenty of time between when we first talk about
the DVDs to when they actually go on sale.

However, in this case, we are putting these out quickly.
Actually next week! We’ll give you a few more sample
clips between now and then…

So, get ready because Tony the Tiger is tearing into
town on Tuesday.

That’s Tuesday the 8th of February. 1 week away.

And we’ll have some super early bird specials too.

Talk to you soon and enjoy the lesson.


Claude Johnson
Your dedicated guitar instructor

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