Up close and personal with Claude Johnson

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hi Friend,

No, I won’t be making a guest appearance
at your local Starbucks coffee shop.

However, very soon, I do plan to connect with you
in ways that I haven’t been doing so far.

First thing is, I just ordered my new
video camera…

I use to have one and I ended up it giving it away
to my brother because I KNEW I wanted
to get a better, high-def camera.

So yes, I finally ordered it, and I should
have it in a week or so.


I plan to do lots of cool videos for youtube,
or even just to send them to you so I can show
you some of the cool guitar tricks I’m
cookin up these days.

Also, I’m starting a new blog.

This will be kind of like my “personal” blog
where I’ll be sharing more info about the
guitar vibes, and also just some random
Claudster-related happenings.

I *just* put up the new blog yesterday so
its in it’s baby stages right now. I’m
not totally happy with how it looks yet…

I think I have to add some cool pictures
to make it “pop”. But I’ll be working on it
and so I’m gonna show it to you soon.

It’s cool to finally be publishing my
“own site” after creating over a dozen
guitar product sites.

If you haven’t checked out all my existing
websites, go scroll down to the bottom of
this email and check them out.


In the near future I’m gonna keep you plenty
entertained with lots of cool blog posts
and videos…

So check out the sites we got so far.

Lots of cool stuff – from chicken pickin
chops to blues tracks, to the original
guitar control secrets, to virtuoso
guitar… and more.

You might even see some wacky pictures of
me on some of our sites…

For example, on the blues site, there’s
a pic of me in my wild long hair days
playing a blues live at the Hard Rock Cafe.

By the way, that’s a great course if you’re
interested in learning to play some smokin’
blues riffs and licks: www.HowtoPlayblues.com/main.php

Well… Keep on rockin my friend…

Have a great weekend, and I will
talk to you soon.

Take care,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Man — if you haven’t checked out Rok Stark yet
you’re MISSING OUT. They have the best prices
on great sounding strings and they have
LIFETIME WARRANTY on their top of the line cables.
Check them out. (www.rokstark.com)

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