Van Halen tapping 2.0

Hey Friend,

Ok, I am going to have
a cool surprise for you
in about a week or two.

One of our legends is
releasing a new course.

Ok, let me back up a bit.

As you know, I have several
of my own guitar courses like
Killer Guitar Control Secrets
and the Ultimate Beginner Guitar
Course (

But since I can’t teach everything, I’ve
hired some of the best players in the world
to provide some additional videos for you
in the realms of jazz, blues, country, and
advanced lead guitar.

Now, we’ve got a new video coming out on
cutting-edge, ear-twisting, easy-to-play
,radical, mindblowing TAPPING licks.

You know, tapping… The wild lead guitar technique
pioneered by Eddie Van Halen…

Although I couldn’t get Eddie himself to show up
on a video, I have the next best thing for you.

It’s an amazing video showing how to play
some extremely wild and impressive tapping

In fact, in some ways, these tapping licks
are beyond anything Eddie does. You might
call it “Van Halen tapping 2.0”.

The best part of this is that the licks are
actually relatively easy to play. So you’ll
sound like you have mega chops without spending
months or years developing them.

I’ll have more details for you very soon,
including some awesome sample videos.

You won’t want to miss this one. So keep
an eye on the ol’ inbox for some guitar
goodies from the Claudster and the gang.

Claude “Guitar Man” Johnson

P.S. We also have our “Real Easy Jazz Guitar”
course coming out soon as well. I am still
in the process of working out the fine details
with our video editor.

P.P.S. We still have some of these awesome
Rokstark cables in stock (the ones with the
lifetime warranty).

Claude J.

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