Video Lesson: Hendrix Rhythm Guitar

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Hi Friend,

It’s Hawaiian shirt day here
in the office and we’re all
excited about that.

I’m even more excited because I get to go
back in front of the camera (WITH my Hawaiian shirt lol)
and film some more lessons for
you guys!

Yes, Mr. Dillon kind of stole
the spotlight for a bit as
we just wrapped up the launch
of the Rockin the Blues DVDs.

Well, move over Jimmy…

and make way for JIMI!

Yes, Hendrix is my favorite
guitarist (we all have our favorites!)

We all know he was ferocious at
leads but he was also an incredible
rhythm player.

That kind of brings me to the topic
du jour — which is Chord Mastery.
I’m gonna show you a bunch of chordal stuff over
the next week or so.

I’ve taught chord stuff in the past,
like “exotic chords”, “simple chords”,
strum patterns, etc…

I thought to myself: WHAT CAN I SHOW THAT’S NEW?

Then it came to me — “THE CHORD STYLES OF THE MASTERS!”

In this short video, I can’t cover everything Jimi
did, but it’s a great starting point.

You can learn at least 4 or 5 things that Jimi did
and instantly inject them into your own playing.

Check it out:



And stay tuned for more awesome chord lessons.

Rock on and have a great weekend…

Claude Johnson

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