Virtuwul meets Lars

hi Friend,

Man i think I’m still recovering
from a trip I took about 2
weeks ago out to California.

It was crazy times man.

First of all, we shot most
of Claustin Powers 3.

But we got a lot of editing
to do, so I’ll give you
more updates later on it.

We also filmed a “mystery”
guitarist who played with
one of the biggest bands
of all time.

Yes, we’re doing a DVD with
him… More on that later

But maybe the best part
was hanging out with Jimmy
Dillon when we were out there.

Btw, when I say “we”, I’m talking
about myself and Virtuwul.

He’s always been in the Claustin

So, Jimmy invites us out to this
gig he was playing.

He tells me on the phone: “It’s
called Bimbos, its at 365 Colombus”.

At least that’s what I heard. The
place is actually called Bimbos 365.

So we ended up walking about
an extra mile to get there after

It was worth it…

It was actually a private birthday
party for a famous actor by the
name of Peter Coyote.

I’m pretty impressed by the kinds
of gigs that Jimmy gets to play.

Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahal were
in attendance.

We got a backstage pass.

Apparently we just missed Robin
Williams as he was finishing
up a bit of standup.

Here’s the coolest part of the story:

After the set, Virtuwul goes to
the bathroom and on the way
ends up meeting Metallica drummer
Lars Ulrich.

Yes, he did get a cellphone photo
which I’ll put on my blog shortly.

I just think the whole thing was
cool, and the next day Jimmy invited
us to another gig he was playing
at this killer renaissance fair.

It was hardcore proof in my mind
that Jimmy Dillon really is
the “go to guitarist” on the
west coast.


We’ll be releasing his new course
in a few short weeks.

Meanwhile, check out these:



Have a nice weekend,





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