How To Play The Guitar Even With Zero Talent

Hi Friend,

Someone asked me yesterday:

“Can anyone learn to play guitar?”

“Can anyone really learn to
play their favorite songs?”

After thinking about it, my answer is:


First, I don’t believe anyone has
“zero” talent.

But, regardless of your level
of talent, you can learn to play guitar
or just about anything else you
want to do.

Sure, we all have different ‘natural
gifts’… But all that means is
that some have the ‘knack’ to learn things
faster than others.

Remember: It’s a learning process for ALL
of us. Even the great players will tell you
they weren’t born wailing.

All you really need is the desire
to do something, and that,
(along with consistent effort), will
result in constant improvements.

By the way, just to interrupt myself,
next week I’ll have an announcement
about the release of “Classical Guitar
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So stay tuned for that.

Now back to my rant 🙂

If you’re one of those people who says:
“I don’t have a musical bone in my body”,
but you feel like you would LIKE to learn
guitar, then just take action.

All you have to do is try.

There is tremendous power is being consistent.

Sit down with your guitar for 15 minutes
a day — and watch as you start to
actually play.

And if you already play and want to reach
a certain level or play a certain style,
there is no reason you can’t do it.

The keys are desire and action.

That’s it.

Now stop reading emails and go play…

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Rock on!


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