How To Play Reggae Guitar Using Simple Chords

hi Friend,

I have a really tasty guitar lesson
for you today.

It’s from Jimmy Dillon, from his new
“Modern Acoustic Guitar” DVD course, which by
the way will be released in exactly 2 weeks.

Now, in this course, Jimmy covers a lot
of ground: reggae, ska, funk, blues,
rock, singer-songwriter stuff, you name it.

Our first lesson we saw a bit of reggae, but
as Jimmy says “we’re gonna stay in the
islands a bit longer”…

So in today’s video you’ll learn the “darker side”
— the minor key of Reggae.

To me its just as beautiful as the major sound.
Give in to the dark side! lol…

Just get ready to learn a killer simple chord progression
and strumming pattern plus some other hot tips.


14 Days till “Modern Acoustic Guitar”!

Thanks for reading…Keep playing!

Claude Johnson

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