wow. dogs can do that?

hey Friend,

This is one of those crazy true stories…

I guess stranger things have happened,
but… first let me mention that I’m
preparing a sweet little video
for you… It’s actually a rhythm
guitar lesson that I think you’ll
really get a lot out of.

I’ll have that up for you tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d just
share a funny story my wife
told me.

As you might know, she’s
originally from Russia.

So unlike here in the states,
in Russia, stray dogs are allowed to
pretty much live all over the
place, including big cities
like Moscow.

Apparently, a small percentage
of those dogs actually figured
out how to navigate the complicated
Moscow subway system.

They actually get on and off
the train at precise stations —
sleeping in the burbs and then
they “commute to work” during the
day in the city.

I kid you not!

What do they do when they get
into town? Well, they wait
by food vendors and when a
tourist buys something, they
sneak up behind them, and try to surprise
them with a loud bark in hopes that the
tourist will be so startled that they’ll
accidentally drop their food…lol..

I think that’s pretty funny
and cool!

However, unless you’re a Moscow
canine, I have a better way for you
to sink your teeth into something tasty.

I’m talking about guitar playing 🙂

Here’s a course I haven’t talked about
in a while: Fingerpicking Secrets.

Go check it out…This is from the guy
that’s even taught Eric Clapton a
thing or two:


Go check it out and stay tuned for tomorrow’s
lesson as well.

Have a great weekend.

Claude Johnson


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