Yngwie licks + Epic Prizes

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hi Friend,

In his own words, “the day Jimi Hendrix
died, the guitar-playing Yngwie was born”.

Yngwie Malmsteen was just 7 years old
when he saw a TV special on TV about
the death of Hendrix.

The rest is history.

I’d like to help you capture a little
bit of Yngwie’s guitar magic with
the help of Silvio Gazquez.

It’s the latest lesson on the


Stay tuned for some killer guitar
lessons this weekend from Jimmy
Dillon, gearing up for the release
of “Modern Acoustic Guitar”

Yes, that’s in 6 DAYS FROM NOW! 🙂

Let me announce some of the “early bird bonuses”.

1. first 50 buyers get a digital copy of “The Best of Jimmy Dillon”
album including bonus tracks.

2. first 20 buyers get a copy of “the Cover Story”, a 2 hour
DVD documentary about the Greatful dead , Steve Miller Band,
and other legends.

3. I’m also giving away THREE “Rokstark Lightheart” Acoustic Guitars,
each worth $349 to 3 lucky winners. (Anyone ordering on Wednesday
is eligible)

4. And….I’m giving away one MOTHERSHIP pedal , which is an incredible
analog sythenszier pedal capable of otherwordly sounds and has
a list price of $675. WOW…

Again, you must order on the first day to be eligible to win! 🙂

That’s THIS coming Wednesday.

And also again, this weekend I’ll send more samples
from the new course.

Talk soon!


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