Your Guitar Stimulus Package

Hey Friend,

You know, usually I don’t like to
bring up political issues.

There’s too much controversy and
everyone’s got their own opinion.

And although sometimes I think
the world would be better off
with *ME* in charge, (he he),
I’d MUCH rather be a guitar teacher
than a politician!

See — That’s part of the trouble
with the world – the people who
would really do the most good are almost
always more interested in CREATING
rather than controlling.

Heck, all I want to control is my guitar 🙂

So anyway, like I was saying… I don’t
usually weigh in on the issues of the day,
but I will say that I think all these
‘stimulus’ packages are doing the
exact opposite of what they promise –
they are hurting the American economy.

It’s just another case of politicians
wanting to control you and spend your money.

It’s gotten way past the point of outrageousness
as America is starting to sink into socialism/communism.

But you know what? I got faith that things
will get better sooner or later…

See, with the Internet, the old “Media Monopoly”
is slowly but surely losing its power
to influence public opinion, which means
that our evolution into a free and prosperous
society is greatly accelerated.

Ok, I’ve probably went WAAAY too far into
a controversial topic, but hey… Sometimes
you gotta call it like it is.

Its how I see it anyway. Obviously
some people will disagree and everyone
is entitled to their own opinion.

To be fair, I’m NOT an expert on economics.

What I *am* an expert on, is helping people
get to the next level of skill on the guitar.

I’ve spent the last 4-5 years assembling
a line of products for just about
every kind of guitar player.

So while I can’t help “stimulate” the
economy, I CAN help you stimulate your
own enjoyment with your guitar!

Here’s a few of my recommendations:

For beginners:

For intermediate players:

For intermediate to advanced players:

and also dont forget to check out
our software products:

Pick the course that appeals most to
you and get ready for some healthy,
inspiring stimulation… And
some newfound guitar skills.

But, maybe you’re asking: Claude, what about
Jazz and Country?

Well, I’m glad you asked 🙂

We’ve got 2 new exciting guitar teachers that
we’re working with to create new courses.

Actually, we’ve already
shot the footage and are just working now
to edit these into DVDs.

First, we have Sol Philcox and “Wicked Country Picking Chops”.
If you love hot country licks,
this is what you’ve been waiting for.
This guy is a prodigy and he’s going to
blow your mind with his techniques and wisdom.

Next, we have Clay Moore and “Real Easy Jazz Guitar”.
I worked with Clay to design what I believe
is going to be the best jazz guitar course

We’ll have more details on both of these courses soon.

For now, don’t forget to grab your own
personal “guitar stimulus” package today.
You won’t regret it.

I’ll be sure to write you soon with
some news of what we’re up to here
at Guitar Control, and of course,
my ever-controversial opinions 🙂

Take care, and Rock on!

Claude Johnson

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