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Dear Aspiring Blues Guitarist,

Claude Johnson here and I’ve been at the guitar game a LONG time.  Listen, I know everyone has different goals. If you just  want to strum some simple chords and play your  favorite songs, that’s great. 

But this letter is for you if you want SCORCHING lead guitar chops. Now that’s a big promise, and there’s a reason most guitarists never get to that level.

There's Reasons You're Not Already "SHREDDING"

I hope this doesn't sound like some marketing cliche, but it's really not your fault that you're not ripping up and down the fretboard even though you've been playing for years.

It's easy to watch some really good players and think "Why can't I play like that? What am I doing wrong?". But you have to remember that when you watch the best players, you're seeing the best 1% of the top %1 or more.

MOST players can't shred because it's actually not that easy or simple.

But It Is Achievable With The Right Steps

Jerry Garcia said that “music is something you keep getting better and better at.” Also, music as a whole keeps evolving, and the Internet plays a role too. Everything builds off the past, and we’ve never been at a better place and time for you to be able to play really well.

We Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

Look, I'm not the most talented guitarist in the world. It took me a long time to figure out certain things. But I hope I can save you some time in sharing what I've discovered. That's why I'm here. That's why I'm writing you this letter today.

Great players inform us more and more of "what to do". Just like Hendrix and Clapton opened our eyes in the 60s, players like Eddie Van Halen and Paul Gilbert opened our eyes even further in the 80s.

And it was watching what these great shredders were doing (and taking lessons with some of them) that opened my eyes all over again and led me to figure out how to make my own playing more technical.

The Key Is Knowing *WHAT* To Practice

In my “intermediate” years, I focused a lot on things like melody, vibrato, and phrasing. That’s all important stuff. But to take it  to the next level, I had to drill things like alternate picking.  Eventually I figured out that using 3-note-per-string pentatonics could be a SUPER powerful tool for my own style, and inside of “Pentatonic Chops”, I want to show you how to develop those chops.

Why "Pentatonic Chops" Could be Right For you

There’s a million different approaches to the guitar, but here’s a few reasons why I think this system could be a good fit for you to take your playing to the next level:

✔ These kinds of chops sound very bluesy but also “shreddy” (in a good way)
They fit right in with what you’re already doing
✔ They lend themselves perfectly to other advanced techniques like arpeggios.
✔ They are easy in the sense that they are intuitive musically
✔ There’s a clear pathway to progress and a simple way to practice 

Pentatonic chops vol 1


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Time is our most precious asset, so I'm not going to waste either of our time writing a long-winded conclusion here. Bottom line -- these blues lessons rock. I'm really proud of them. I stand behind them. I guarantee them with our no hassle refund policy.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’re getting over 2 hours of step-by-step instructions with tabs and my complete “blues riffing system”. I think you’re gonna enjoy it immensely.

Just click on the package of your choice, fill out your details and that’s it… you’ll be onto the next chapter of your guitar journey and I can’t wait to hear how you’re doing with it.

Keep on playin,

Claude Johnson

Claude Johnson

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