Rock Guitar Jams

Hey guys and gals…

Ok so I finally got my video camera. I’m still working on
getting some good editing software and better lighting,
but at least I’m up and rolling for now.

Here’s a quick video I shot for you about our new
“Rock Guitar Jams”

You get the rock jam tracks as part of the Guitar God Club!
Here’s what you need to do , right now:

Click over to 

and read about the full meal deal.

All right, yeah. That was just me improvising some
licks over one of the new jam tracks from
So this is a brand new site we just created.
You get 60 really cool backing tracks that you
can use to just have fun and play leads over.
It’s a lot of fun and just jam out.

Now here’s the deal, we are not actually selling
Rock Guitar Jams separately. You can only get it
as part of the Guitar God Club. So you get that
and five other sites. You get six sites total.
It’s a heck of a deal and right now I’m letting
you try it free. Hey, you got nothing to lose.
Why not give it a shot and be able to get some
cool rock tracks. So, check it out.

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