Sample Video from Real Easy Jazz Guitar

It’s the Claudester here again…

Ok, so here’s a couple of announcements:

1. I just posted a sample clip of the Real Easy
Jazz Guitar Course. I think it’s hot! (see below)
Notice that Clay Moore is using a black and gold
Ibanez Artcore guitar!

I actually bought that guitar for him to use on the
video shoot (so he didnt have to travel with his
ultra-expensive jazz guitar), and I ended up liking it
so much that I started playing on it all the time.

I thought it would be cool though to give away
an Ibanez Artcore as part of this course, but this
guitar was too cool to give away , so I’m keeping
it, he he (the black one)…So I had to buy
another one (the red one) for YOU…

Btw, The video quality is a little low only on the sample clip below.
It looks fine on the disc.

2. Real Easy Jazz Guitar is going to be available on…
(drum roll please….) October 6th! At 12:00 noon EST.
Mark your calendar!

3. How to win the Ibanez Artcore:

Ok, ok, now I know some of you are going to whine and
moan about this, but YES, you do need to grab a copy
of Real Easy Jazz Guitar in order to win.

This isn’t some ‘free for all sweepstakes’ , this guitar

I may do a contest in the future where anyone can just
win a guitar, but this baby is for the movers and shakers.

So, here’s the scoop. Anyone who orders in the FIRST
15 MINUTES will be eligible to win.

If you order in the first 15 minutes, we’ll put your name into a hat, and then select one person at random…

So, be ready right at noon on Tuesday the 6th… You’ll have
15 minutes to review the offers and enter your information.

Good luck! Don’t miss out!

Next post I will reveal more about the course…

Hi everyone. My name is Clay Moore and I’d like to
welcome you to the Real Easy Jazz Guitar course.

Now, I’ve been teaching and playing jazz guitar
for a lot of years, over 30, and I’ve met a lot
of people who would like to play jazz, but they
say, Clay, well, don’t you have to know like 10,000
guitar chords and have a doctorate in music theory
to be able to play jazz?

And the answer to that, obviously, is no.

What we’re going to do in this course is take it
very slow and very simple and giving you some tried
and true techniques that the masters have used for
dozens of years.

We’re going to give you that little wedge into
how to play some jazz.

The first song we’re going to be doing today
is “Dearly Beloved”.

Now, the first thing you want to do when you look
at a chart in a fake book is to notice what the key
signature is and what the time signature is.

Now, the key signature in “Dearly Beloved” is C-major.

There are no sharps, no flats. So that puts us squarely
in the key of C-major, which is what we just learned a
few minutes ago, the seven chords in C-major.

So let’s take a look at the chords first so we can figure out —
because there’s going to be a couple of wrinkles in here.

It doesn’t stay in C-major the whole time, which is very
typical of a jazz progression. It’s not necessarily going
to stay in the same key even though it’s marked that way
at the beginning of the song.

The first chord in the song is actually D-minor-7 and that
is the second chord in the key of C. So you can use this
chord when you’re comp’ing for that.

The second chord is G-7. And you’ll notice that it goes
back and forth between those two chords for eight measures:
D-minor-7 for one measure, G-7 for one measure, back and
forth for eight measures.

Then you get to your C-6 chord, which we’re going to play right now.

How to play your favorite songs from the 60's & 70's on the guitar


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