The Greatest Jazz Guitar Secret Ever + Wacky Video

Hey now…

It’s Claude Johnson. Whaddup.

Part of this blog post (the greatest jazz guitar secret ever)
is for real. The other part (the video) is a joke.

Just so we’re clear, lol…

Ok, seriously, I am about to share with you the god honest
greatest jazz guitar secret ever.

Are you ready? Are you paying attention? This one
secret I’m about to tell you right now is priceless.

Ok, the greatest jazz guitar secret of all time is…

Learn to play jazz standards.

That’s it.

How simple and profound.

By standards, I mean those classic songs that are tried and true,
best of the best, quintessential jazz songs. They are referred
to as “standards” in the jazz community.

Take for example, my own videos – the ones on this blog.
Some guitarists are wondering what is the secret to
being able to play jazz like that.

Well, what did I do?? I played Autumn Leaves and Satin Doll,
2 jazz standards!!!

WOW. Imagine the possibities for you.

Now here’s the really exciting news: The Real Easy Jazz Guitar
Course is going to include a whopper of a collection of jazz

In fact, I jumped over some serious hurdles, and I “unearthed”
a secret, previously illegal black book “bible” of authoritative
jazz standards.

Howev,er in the Real Easy Jazz Guitar Course, you get something even
MORE important than a great collection of music. You get the OTHER
CRITICAL SECRETS you need to be able to decode jazz guitar, play
the standards, to add your own touch, and also and to improvise with them.

Together, the huge book of standards PLUS the EASY and STRAIGHTFORWARD
explanations on 3 DVDs from one of America’s top jazz pros… are what makes this course
one of the best guitar learning products ever.

Yes, this book WAS illegal for copyright reasons, but now Guitar Control
is making it legally available to you. All this is 100% true.

Now, the wacky video for you… (this part is a joke, please dont take me too seriously)…
I broke into the national jazz archives and stole this illegal black book for your benefit 🙂

Check it out:

And post your comment , please 🙂 GO! – Claude

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