How to Play Walk This Way By Aerosmith

Check out How to Play Walk This Way By Aerosmith Guitar Lesson from Guitar Control instructor Jon MacLennan. Step by step video instructions and the free tabs will have you rockin’ this classic tonight!

Walk This Way


Hey how’s it going? My name is Jon McLennan and I hope you’re doing fantastic. I’m here with bringing you this video lesson and today’s lesson is on a song called Walk This Way by the classic band Aerosmith. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are on guitars and really this is just epic rock playing. So click the link below so you can get the tab that goes along with this video lesson. We’re going to break it all down for you and I’m going to show you that main riff and then we’re going to jump into this funky bluesy rhythm part that goes in the verse and then how to play the chorus and even get into the first solo. So let’s zoom in and break down How to Play Walk This Way By Aerosmith.

Walk This Way Riff

We start How to Play Walk This Way By Aerosmith with an open A string and then walk up chromatically, meaning in half steps, zero, one, two and I would recommend using these fingers; just the first finger to the second finger and then you kind of roll your finger. See how I popped it down like that to the next string and play the second fret on the fourth string? Then you do a rest on the second beat, the sixteenth note rest and you do the same thing again. So it’s one, two and then you tag it with the low E string. Now what I’m doing with the picking is down for the first beat and there’s sixteenth notes, so I’m just alternating my picking and then the next beat is a rest and I come in on the E 1 e and of the second beat. So I’m going to do that as an upstroke so the picking in fact is this down, down, down, up, down; actually I think on the last one to down. So down, down, down, down and that picking pattern is related to the time you know, it’s like with my foot one II and the strong beats are always down strokes and the weak beats are up, so that’s the first measure. So then you rest and then the second measure does the same thing until here, then you come up to the third fret on the sixth string and do a little pull-off from 3 to 0 and then play the second fret on the fourth string, that notes kind of staccato, so here’s the whole riff slowly and it’s rock and roll, so there’s a lot of like what I call clicks, which are just muted strings, in-between you’ll hear and do that… So you can experiment with that and just, you know in those rests you can put a click, you know or a muted and I’m just coming across the strings here going down and getting a cool kind of percussive sound. How epic is that? Thanks for watching How to Play Walk This Way By Aerosmith.

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