How to Play Shoot to Thrill By AC DC

Check out How to Play Shoot to Thrill on Guitar – AC DC Back in Black Lesson from Guitar Control instructor Jon MacLennan.

Shoot to ThrillIntroduction

Hey how’s it going? My name is Jon MacLennan and I hope you’re having a great day. I’m here with bringing you this video lesson and we’re going over some classic Angus Young rock and roll 101. I’m going to break down a song called Shoot To Thrill by AC DC and show you the main guitar parts throughout the whole song and we’re going to zoom in and break it down. Don’t forget to click the link below so you get the tab that goes along with this video lesson and let’s zoom in and break down How to Play Shoot to Thrill By AC DC.

Shoot To Thrill Chords

All right so we start out Shoot To Thrill with our first finger on an A chord and I’m kind of combining the two guitar parts here, so you could play this just with one person, but you’ve got the A power chord; open fifth string and then hold your first finger down on the second fret and I dampen the other strings so that those strings are muted and I’ll also bring my thumb over the top. A lot of these Angus Young kind of style chords are basically open chords, but they’re modified to sound good with distortion and so a lot of the thirds have been removed from things and you’ll see G’s and D’s. So here’s the A, so you play the A and then you take your second finger down on the third fret and go to fourth; so it’s like…

Okay and then we’re going to go to A/G chord and I really just use two fingers, this is sort of my AC DC G, second finger on the third fret here the next string is muted and the next two strings are open and then the third fret on the second string; sometimes I’ll get the third as well you know by just barring that finger down since a two finger G, that’s really good with Distortion, those are good shapes. So then you go to a G and I’ll show you just the basic chords here D that’s just two three two back to G D and then you go to an A power chord, you know an A5, so and then there’s a little lick… see what I did there?

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