`Ho Hey´ by The Lumineers on Acoustic Guitar | Easy Instructional Video

Check out this How to Play `Ho Hey´ by The Lumineers – Acoustic Guitar Lesson with TABs.

How to Play `Ho Hey´ by The Lumineers - Acoustic Guitar Lesson with TABs


Hi everybody my name is Paige Zollars. I’m here with SongTabs.com and today’s video is on Ho Hey by the Lumineers.

Ho Hey Verse

So to start off the song in the first verse the chords you need to know are; C major, F, A minor and G and then it just goes back to C.  Most of it just goes from the C and then just an F really fast and it goes to C. So to play it sounds like this… So that is one verse and to slow that down it would go… So then it goes into another verse and so that is the verse for this song and it has two verses, then the course and another verse.


So for the chorus it’s just three chords; A minor, G and C, so it’s just like the last part of the verse and this is a little bit more straight forward strumming.


There’s also a bridge in this song. So the bridge is just two chords that repeat and mix F and G and you can just strum it like how you strum the chorus. Then it just it just keeps repeating until you get to the last day and then you just go back to the chorus.


So those are all of the parts to Ho Hey and to get more information click on the link in the description box below and check out SongTabs.com. Thanks for watching!

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