How To Make Guitar Licks Or Riffs | Easy Tips And Methods

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How’s it going guys. My name is John McClennan
and I’m here with, bringing
you this lesson. Today I just want to talk
about some ideologies, some sort of methods,
that I use to help me practice and get something
together quickly.

Let’s say you’re working on a new riff or a
piece or whatever it is, classical music, it
doesn’t matter. When you first start playing
a lot of the times you’re just staring at your
fingers and going, okay, it’s on this string
and make sure my pick is lined-up and all this
stuff, because it’s all new. And that’s fine.
You’ve got to start somewhere and you’ve got
to get that together.

Once you start feeling comfortable I want to
challenge you to do these three different things:
practice looking at your fingers, you can start
there; and then practice looking at sheet music
in front of you. Put it on a music stand and just
look at that as you’re playing. Don’t look at your
hand. And then I want you to completely look away.
I want you to pick a spot in the room. You can
close your eyes and play that same lick.

Let’s say you’re working on a lick like…
So here’s a nice little jazz line or whatever.
Here I am, looking at my fingers. And then I
want to just look at the sheet music in front
of me. And then I just close my eyes. And I
almost played it better when I was just closing
my eyes and thinking about the music because
looking at my hands sometimes can almost be a

The point is, practice from different angles.
Don’t just do it one way every time. Because
when you play live and when you go out there’s
going to be all sorts of different situations
and things that you have to be prepared for.
You’ve got to know what you’re going to play
cold. So that’s my main point.

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