guitar practice amps

Welcome back! Today I wanna give you a little insight to guitar practice amps.
So you’ve been playing for a while and you are getting tired of the virtual amps, not because
they suck (they are actually really good), but because you wanna play a real amp and see how
it feels like. The only problem is that, yeah, neighbours! They are not gonna like it when you
crank those tubes inside your amp to get that sweet tone; they are gonna be mad, calling the
cops or knocking at your door every time you turn it on.
So what’s the solution? I mean you gotta have a real amp; you’ve read it online and it appears
to be true: virtual amps, as good as they are, don’t feel as awesome as a real amp. Well the
solution is to get a practice amp. A practice amp will often be small enough for you to crank it up
without bothering the neighbours; it will even come with a headphone jack so you can practice
late at night. You know what is another great thing about this little devices? that you can carry
them anywhere you want; you could go outside and jam on the street and you’ll be just fine
carrying your all the way through the subway to the park, wherever. You can bring it to your
friends place to jam and it will usually sound good!
Some things to check out when getting a practice amp:
above 15w might be to big.
state or Tubes? It really depends on the type of tone that you are trying to get.
it have a headphone input?
it come with FXs? Yeah FXs could be a real dealbreaker
Finally I wanna take some time and show you some of the best practice amps out there:
Fender Mustang I


Roland Micro Cube


Orange Crush 12


Vox Mini


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